Belgian Ceramic Research Centre

Soils testing, building and road materials

Construction and road materials

The INISMa proposes a wide range of tests in laboratory or in situ on several materials used in conventional building techniques. Thanks to its experience and to its highly qualified staff, the INISMa is the regular laboratory of numerous producers throughout Wallonia.

Moreover, thanks to its preferred partnerships with reference centres (CSTC, CRIC...), to its participation at some work groups and to an efficient monitoring of normative references, the INISMa carefully follows the standards and specifications evolution.

We thus realize tests according to reference methods and supply reliable results in an impartial way.

Besides the ISO 9001 of the whole institution, the INISMa is BELAC accreditated (ISO 17025) for a lot of tests on building materials and is used as a reference laboratory to certified organisms in the framework of the CE marking.