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Soils testing, building and road materials

Soils testing
The soil study is crucial for the success of your project. Do not entrust it to just anyone!
Did you know that anyone can legally realize soil testing and pretend to be a specialist, without any particular formation?

Walloon leader in the sector of soil studies, the INISMa differs fundamentally from other companies by the fact that its studies are conducted by experimented and qualified geology engineers.

Unlike our competitors, our experts will not propose you standard solution but personalized solutions that suit your project. They will design the necessary foundations, without unnecessary costs and without waste. Thanks to them, you will make substantial savings.

The INISMa proposes you high-end soil studies at a minimum price.

Soil testing 

We realize high quality soil studies in all the building sectors: residential and industrial buildings, road and capital works, environmental studies… :
  • Boring with the static penetrometer (CPT)
  • Boring with the dynamic penetrometer (SPT, DPT)
  • Pressiometric boring ("Ménard" tests)
  • Destructive of sampling boring
  • Boring for piezometer installation
  • Core drilling
  • Bearing capacity test (threshing sensor - CRR type)
  • Permeability test
  • Hydrostatic profilometry
  • Control of the stability of embankments with inclinometer
  • Vane shear tests
  • Laboratory tests

A demonstration of our know-how: we are often asked to conduct second-assessments on studies carried out by our competitors.

Our large experience enabled us to be chosen to carry out a lot of outstanding geotechnical investigation projects.

A few examples : the building of the new Mons Station, the extension of the runway at Charleroi-Brussels South airport, several wind farms, several hundreds of kilometers of new sewerage network, Google and H&M sites in Ghlin-Baudour.

3 locations in Wallonia

  • 4 Avenue Gouverneur Cornez, 7000 Mons
    Tel/Fax : +32 65 40 34 45 - +32 65 40 80 05
  • 55 Chaussée d'Antoing, 7500 Tournai
    Tel : +32 69 76 84 68
  • 31 Rue de la Bruyère, 6880 Bertrix
    Tel/Fax : +32 61 41 16 07- +32 61 41 31 36


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